Micro Fellowship

About the Program

These short-term research scholarships are intended for academics (PhD holders, post‐docs and professors or equivalent status).                      

The applications fitting into strategic research areas of ITMO University would be given a priority consideration, e.g. 

  •   Computer Technologies and Controls
  •  Translational Information Technologies
  •   Chemistry

N.B. Interdisciplinary projects bringing together the above strategic research areas of ITMO University combining Natural Sciences, Information Technologies with other disciplines; e. g. Economics and Society, Life and Health Sciences, will be given serious consideration.

Please choose one of the departments or laboratories of ITMO University that most closely reflects your area of research.

Complete list of Research Labs is available here.

Program details

Contract period: up to 1 month

One of the main aims is to facilitate valuable collaborations with research groups, applying techniques that are unavailable in the applicant's laboratory. 

  • Only for individuals who completed a Ph.D. degree in countries outside Russia or have minimum 3 years of international experience in the world's top universities
  • Without prior employment history at ITMO University
  • Ph.D., Professors or Associate professor position at world’s leading university preferable
  • H-index from 7 preferable
Expected Results  (KPIs)
  • Number of publications (in Web of Science and Scopus data bases): no less than 1 in collaboration with ITMO researchers (young scientists, PhDs and MCs preferable) to be published within 6 months from the date the Fellowship began
 Please note: ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program deliverables cannot be substituted for deliverables of other ITMO University programs (for the purposes of reporting). 
  • Visa expenses, travel expenses (economy class), accommodation expenses (standard, 4 stars) for the period of classes in St. Petersburg


  • 170 000 RUB salary  (before taxes, equivalent approx. to 2 675 USD)*

   ** We cover all of the above-mentioned expenses but not more than 170 000 RUB for the course.

How to Apply

Before submitting the application, please contact the host Research Lab or Unit to plan a collaborative Research Project. Research Lab or Unit must confirm its commitment to work with the candidate by the Letter of Support.

The Letter of Support must include:

  • objectives and expected results of the Project;
  • Project duration;
  • expected KPIs;
  • the amount of money required for its successful completion;
  • signature of the Head of the Research Lab or Unit.

Research proposal must contain:

  1. Project title
  2.  Project scope
  3. Objectives
  4. Motivation and matching with the international research agenda (what challenges the project can answer and how, arguments confirming project feasibility and prospects of the selected research direction, references to related works, recognized and supported projects)
  5. Relevance to ITMO University priority research directions
  6.  Candidate research background (experience that ensures that the project can be successfully completed) 
  7. Research plan (stages, presence in SPb)
  8. Deliverables
  9. Budget
  10.  Reference people

Details of application procedure and application form are available here. Application and all supporting documents to be submitted exclusively in English.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We expect the successful candidates to start their work at ITMO University within 6 months after the winners are announced.