International research laboratory "Lighting Design for an Urban Environment"

Contacts of laboratory

Natalia Bystriantseva

Work place: The Higher School of Lighting Design

The development of each market implies a gradual transition from simple to analytically strong and mature design decisions. A similar situation is happening today with the market of urban lighting. Classical lighting design approaches lose their relevance. Nowadays it's important to use quality analytics in order to find the new tools, rationally determine resources, smart investments and technological capabilities of a lighting design project.

The research and practical experience of CLD ITMO University employees, in combination with the intellectual and material resources of the international research laboratory "Lighting design for an urban environment", allows to complex analyze the urban lighting environment and meet the professional requirements of the global market and the international Project 5-100 – a program of higher competitiveness amongst the world’s leading scientific education centers, in which ITMO University takes part.

International research laboratory "Lighting design of an urban environment" was established to conduct research and improve the quality of lighting environment in the city. Lab's team searches for practical ways to improve quality of artificial lighting, human life and social medium. We use a holistic approach to design, that allows to see a problem of lighting project from many different perspectives and develop the new methods and tools to improve quality, ecological safety and energy efficiency of design solutions.

Heads of lab

Natalia Bystriantseva, a candidate of Architectural Science, one of the leading Russian experts in the field of lighting design. She has created more than 80 realized lighting concepts and currently serves as a head of creative association of lighting designers RULD and Art & Science cluster at ITMO University.

Roger Narboni, the world-renowned French lighting designer, visual artist and electronical engineer, is the director of CONCEPTO (Paris, France). He launched in 1987 a new discipline Light Urbanism and has realised since then more than 120 lighting master plans in France and abroad.