International laboratory "Laser micro-and nanotechnologies"

Contacts of laboratory

Vadim Pavlovich Veiko

Doctor of Science
full professor
Work place: ITMO University

Dmitrii Sergeevich Ivanov

Work place: Dep. of Theoretical Solid State and Ultrafast Physics, University of Kassel and Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany).

Period I - since the advent of the laboratory of laser technology in LITMO university in 1965 until the organization of the Department of Labour Protection and the Environment (LPE) with the sectoral laboratory of laser technologies (SLLT), established in 1982. In 1976 scientific works of SLLT about the physical principles of laser processing of thin films were awarded the Prize of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Science for the best scientific work in the field of "Fundamental Problems of Microelectronics."

Period II - the period of development of the department LPE and SLLT (1982-1988). In 1983 and 1984 the works of the department were awarded the Prize of The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education (MHSE) of the USSR for the best scientific work. In 1986, the works of the department in conjunction with several other organizations were awarded the State Prize of the USSR, and in 1988 the department LPE with the Laboratory of LT was converted to turning-out department of "Laser Technologies" on the LITMO university principal's initiative. That was the beginning of systematic graduation of specialists by majoring in 07.23 "laser engineering and laser technology."

Period III - in 1996 LT is renamed into the Department of Laser Technologies and Environmental Instrumentation(LTEI) and implements the turn-out of specialists as in the area of laser technologies, as by majoring in  "engineer-teacher" with the specialization "ecology". Since 2000, the Laboratory and the Department of LTEI have been recognized the leading scientific school of Russian Federation in the field of "Fundamentals of laser assisted  microtechnologies." From 2001 to 2014 this status is confirmed annually.

During the period from 1988 to 2005, the department has turned-out more than 300 specialists in the field of laser technologies; During the same period, staff and graduated students have been defended  2 doctoral thesis and more than 20 master's theses; On the results of the department’s work there were published 9 monographs; The results of research of the department members were presented in more than 500 scientific papers and in 50 patents and certificates of authorship.

Thus one of the areas of scientific and educational activities of the University within the contest was chosen the direction "Laser Technologies and Systems", which corresponds to the priority development directions of science, engineering and technologies in Russian Federation and critical technologies. The most important part of the project was the creation of new scientific and educational structures, centers and laboratories, in particular, the laboratory of "laser micro-and nano-technologies" for which equipping were held the purchases of necessary equipment and appliances.