Department of Merchandising and Commodity Nomenclature

Head of the department:
Anna Vinogradova

Department has a sufficient experience of educational, methodical and research activities in the retraining system for the customs authorities, as well as extensive connections in the field of international economic activities and management with enterprises and institutions of the city and the region. Only since 2008 at Department of Merchandizing and Nomenclature of Goods more than 200 people have successfully passed the professional retraining and qualification improvement. Department also provides training for specialist in a full-time form of education in the specialty "Customs" and in the second higher education program.

A regular customer for the specialists’ retraining at Department is the Northwest Customs Control. The education of students is also held on a commercial basis. The learning process is held by qualified teachers, including doctors and candidates of sciences. The staff of Department includes a professor (Doctor of Science), three associate professors (PhDs), senior methodologist. At Department 3 time-working specialists from different universities of St. Petersburg and Northwest Customs Control are lecturing. All of them have academic degrees and titles.

Department provides educational, scientific, methodological and character building works in the following disciplines:

  • Merchandising and expertise in customs

  • Organization of customs control of goods and transport means

  • Nomenclature of goods of international economic activity (HS)

  • Customs tariff regulation of foreign trade and customs values

  • International conventions and agreements on trade

  • Foreign Trade Documentation

  • Customs payments in different customs modes

  • Contracts in international trade

  • Validation of contract prices

  • Workshop on contract prices control

  • Workshop on application of customs payments

  • Transforming of goods into federal ownership

  • Customs formalization and control in non-trade distribution

  • Quality management in customs activities

On every course that is lectured at Department of Merchandising and Nomenclature of goods there are prepared educational guides, laboratory workshops, there are textbooks (including the ones with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science) written and published. Teachers are involved in the preparation and holding of scientific conferences.

At Department the research work on a wide range of issues is held,  due to the results of which there are various educational and methodical tutorials ,monographs and articles  published in journals that are included in the list of HAC. The teachers are actively involved in the international and Russian scientific conferences.

The system of the educational process organization at Department includes lectures with compulsory computer presentations , practical lessons, computer-based testing as a form of students’ self-studies.

The extensive experience of Department’s specialists allows not only to win positions in training in the specialty "Customs", but also to promote the new quality control technology for goods in customs.