Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science

Head of the department:
Anatoly Fedorov
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  • Call number: +7 (812) 457-17-80
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The mains aims of the Department are

  • Preparation of highly skilled researchers who can compete with the worldwide leading researchers
  • Scientific and technological international level work with students and graduate students on the base of the Information Optical Technology Centre.

Complete training cycle consists of three stages: bachelor's degree, master's degree, graduate school. The Department takes in a magistracy and postgraduate study bachelors and masters, received the relevant degree in Russian and foreign universities.

Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Sciences and Information Optical Technology Centre (OTC, are the units of Physics of Nanostructures Scientific-Educational Centre.

The basic pedagogical and scientific scopes of activity of PN SEC are: research and development of nanomaterials, nanostructures, micro- and nanosystems, as well as micro- and nanodevices.

Objects of the study are

  • semiconductor and metal nanoparticles
  • semiconductor quantum wells and threads
  • fullerenes
  • nanotubes
  • graphene
  • molecular complexes
  • doped semiconductor materials and liquid crystals.