Department of Integrated Systems for Technical Preparation of Manufacturing

Head of the department:
Dmitry Zemskov
  • Call number: +7 (812) 648 84 49

Based on an enterprise Departments of Integrated Systems for technical preparation of manufacturing was established in 2000 at “Techpribor" JSC.

"Techpribor" JSC is one of the oldest aviation instrumental design enterprises which was formed in 1942.

Since the foundation it’s specialty is development, production, certification and exploitation support of on-board equipment for all aircrafts and helicopters produced in Russia and CIS countries.

Output products:

  • systems and complexes of fuel control, fuel distribution and centering on fuel management;

  • systems of the amount of hydraulic fluid, oil and water control;

  • vibration control equipment;

  • systems of monitoring and diagnostics of gas turbine engines;

  • systems of diesel engines automation;

  • systems of information registration;

  • sensors for consumption, level, temperature and amount of fuel and oil;

  • vibration sensors;

  • sensors for availability of water sludge in fuel tanks.