Department of Computational Photonics and Videomatics

Head of the department:
Igor Gurov

The Department develops the information technologies and computer systems in the scope of formation, synthesis, processing and image analysis based on the integration of effective computer systems with systems of photonics.

Computer photonics is a rapidly developing area of ​​science and technology, which combines modern physics and quantum optics, mathematics and computer technology. Organization of educational process and training of professionals in the scope of computer photonics is one of the most important tasks of the Department.

Research in the area of computer processing of coherent and incoherent images provide a solution of the scientific and technical tasks of optical tomography, digital holography, synthesis, analysis, recognition and image classification.

Corresponding member of RAS Mikhail Miroshnikov is the scientific consultant of  the Department in the scope of computer processing of images.

The Department takes part in international research projects with leading foreign universities, institutes and research laboratories located in Italy, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Japan, USA and other countries.