High-Performance Computing Department

Head of the department:
Alexander Boukhanovsky
  • E-mail: boukhanovsky@mail.ifmo.ru
  • Call number: +7 (812) 337 64 94
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  • International Coordinator:
    Anna Bilyatdinova
  • E-mail: a.bilyatdinova@gmail.com

The Department of High Performance Computing (HPC) was established in 2010 at the Information Technologies and Programming Department. The organizer of the Department is the "Research Institute of high-tech computer technologies" (RI HTCT) - http://escience.ifmo.ru/. The head of the Department is the director of the RI HTCT, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alexander Boukhanovsky.

In 2012 the HPC Department under the 010400 "Applied Mathematics and Informatics» direction has opened entrance to the masters studies in the new educational program 010400.68 "Supercomputer technologies in interdisciplinary research".

The aim of the Masters’ program is the training of specialists that are capable of participating in research and project works in the frontier areas of science and IT industry (supercomputing technology in emergency decisions making, creating of high-tech IT infrastructures, modeling of nano, micro and macro-processes , etc.)

The Masters training program includes the following courses:

  • Models and methods for high-performance computing;
  • Scientific computer graphics and virtual reality;
  • Geoinformatics;
  • Evolutionary Computation;
  • Bioinformatics;
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • Introduction to the infrastructure of science (e-Science)
  • Modeling of geo-ecological systems.

To the lecturing there were attracted the leading lecturers of the NRU ITMO and other leading universities in Russia and also of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) .

European Diploma

Each student is attached to two research supervisors: the first one is from the NRU ITMO, the second one is from the University of Amsterdam. The graduating qualification work (Master's thesis) can be defended both in the NRU ITMO and the University of Amsterdam. After graduating the student receives the Masters diploma of the Russian state standard and the University of Amsterdam diploma that has the full legal force of the document on awarding of the master's degree in the EU territory.


Each enrolled in masters’ course student has the opportunity to immediately start participation in research projects in the direction of the program through joining the young and friendly team of the RI HTCT of NRU ITMO on the rights of an employee. Also he will have the opportunity to participate in the leading national and international scientific events, including foreign training practice. The graduates can continue the scientific career by enrolling in postgraduate school or selecting any of the most promising and well-paid jobs both in Russia and abroad.

Minimum requirements for undergraduates:

  • Bachelor's or specialist’s degree (preferably in the fields of information technology and programming);
  • General mathematical preparation;
  • Having knowledge of digital methods and programming technologies;
  • A good knowledge of English (intermediate) is desired.

The enrollment in the Masters program will be made on a competitive basis due to the results of an interdisciplinary examination.


The Research Institute of high-tech computer technologies was created at the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in November 2007 as a interdepartmental division for coordination and holding of an interdisciplinary research with intensive usage of computer technology. In 4,5 years the Institute has formed in a stable self-sustaining division of the NRU ITMO that is successfully implementing ambitious projects of Russian and foreign customers that are funded by governmental structures, EU institutions and large commercial enterprises.